Who is DMG?

Meet The Team

Jeff Dillon


(Videographer, Photographer, FAA Certified Drone Pilot)

Thomas (TJ) Ready

Operations Manager

(Videographer, Photographer, Traditional Media)

Kristina Ackerman

Branding Specialist

(Graphic Design, Web Design)

Adam Winders

Video Production Specialists

(Video Editing, Video Graphics)

Clinton Grubbs

Digital Production Manager

(Digital Marketing, Web Design, Project Management)

Heather Perez

Project Consultant

(Graphic Designer, Branding Specialist)

We're a local team of Marion County Professionals.

Most of our staff are either from the Ocala area or have lived here long enough where it seems like a lifetime. We understand the business landscape here and have many connections within the local business community.

What separates us from other local agencies?

The Team - Each project we manage is touched by at least 3-4 members of our seasoned staff. Our social media accounts aren’t managed by kids after school. Quality campaigns need effective communication between the client and project manager, custom graphics created specifically for each brand and quality content that communicates the right message at the right time throughout the buyer’s journey.

Our staff is comprised of individuals who have a true passion for what they do. On average, each member has at least 10+ years of experience in their respective fields.

Capabilities - The moment you walk into our studio, you’ll realize there is no other local company in our space. Our 1,500 SF video production studio is equipped with a green screen and the industry’s best tools. There’s an additional 3,500 SF of office space, video editing booths and equipment storage.

We manage campaigns in a variety of verticals that consist of a balance of traditional and digital media. TV Commercials and billboards to Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns. We are a true, full-stack marketing partner.

Stability - Jeff Dillon, Founder of Dillon Media Group, comes from a background in news media and has been a member of the Marion County business community since 1985. Through years of economic ups and downs, Jeff’s businesses have continued to grow and prosper for over 35 years.


Open communication and transparency are the first steps towards building trust with our clients. We give clients full access to the accounts that we manage and have a live interactive analytics dashboard that allows 24-hr monitoring of everything from Google Ads accounts to email marketing statistics.


Quality marketing campaigns require putting time in month after month. The same thing goes for developing trust with our clients. Our clients put a lot of faith in us and we respect that. This is why we work to prove our worth month after month and do not require long-term contracts.


Client trust is the ultimate gauge for our success. We understand that trust isn’t built overnight, but if we put in our time, do what we say and give our clients positive results, we become successful.